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# Ansible Vagrant profile for a OpenWISP2 server
## Background
Vagrant and VirtualBox (or some other VM provider) can be used to quickly build or rebuild virtual servers.
This Vagrant profile installs OpenWISP2 server using the [Ansible]( provisioner.
## Getting Started
This README file is inside a folder that contains a `Vagrantfile` (hereafter this folder shall be called the [vagrant_root]), which tells Vagrant how to set up your virtual machine in VirtualBox.
To use the vagrant file, you will need to have done the following:
1. Download and Install [VirtualBox](
2. Download and Install [Vagrant](
3. Install [Ansible](
4. Open a shell prompt (Terminal app on a Mac) and cd into the folder containing the `Vagrantfile`
5. Run the following command to install the necessary Ansible roles for this profile: `$ ansible-galaxy install -r requirements.yml`
Once all of that is done, you can simply type in `vagrant up`, and Vagrant will create a new VM, install the base box, and configure it.
Once the new VM is up and running (after `vagrant up` is complete and you're back at the command prompt), you can log into it via SSH if you'd like by typing in `vagrant ssh`. Otherwise, the next steps are below.
### Login on OpenWISP2 Server
When the playbook ran successfully, you can log in at:
username: admin
password: admin
## License
Licensed under the GPLv3 License. See the LICENSE file for details.
## Author Information
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