Authored by Hispanico

Installing BackupPC 4 from git on Ubuntu Xenial 16.04 LTS

The following page outlines how to install BackupPC 4 from the latest official release tarballs or from git.

Installing BackupPC 4 from the latest git sources is a rather long process at the moment. To make it easy, you can use the following script to install a dedicated BackupPC 4 server. The script is tested on a clean Ubuntu Xenial 16.04 LTS installation, but should work on most Debian-derived distributions.

The script will use a single password for both your web interface backuppc user and the local backuppc user. It also allows any client to connect, so make sure to tune security settings for a production environment. Run it with root privileges (i.e. sudo bash installbackuppc or chmod 755 installbackuppc && sudo ./installbackuppc if you saved the script as installbackuppc).

Access BackupPC on http://localhost/BackupPC_Admin with user backuppc and the password that was given or generated.


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